• ​​Determining the technical and statutory requirements
  • Obtaining licensing for various sales and target markets
  • Planning and conducting the type approval procedure
  • Interpretation of regulations (interpretation by authorities)
  • Definition of the necessary scale of testing and approval


Homologation requires considerable systemic vehicle expertise. In order to get the international authorities’ certification, new vehicle types have to meet detailed country-specific regulations and legalities. 

Our holistic expertise has a proven track record of complex testing in compliance with international statutory regulations and will help you to relieve the complexity of the automotive development.

Take advantage of our expertise! You get everything "from a single source". We determine the technical and legal requirements and clarify the ability to gain the required authorization from the various markets. Furthermore, we plan and execute the type testing, we do the selection and run the application to receive the required statutory approval documents.

MVI TVS stands for top-quality services in automotive development, trials and testing. Within the MVI Group, which has been renowned for holistic projects in the mobility industry since 1968, MVI TVS provides precisely the positive customer benefits you need to focus on in your development process.