IT vehicle testing

  • ​Test fleet management
  • Testing range management
  • Increased safety in the vehicle testing
  • Quality assurance in the vehicle testing (driver assistance systems)
  • Project / process support "autonomous driving"


Computer based vehicle testing is essential for quickly identifying and consistently ironing out any kind of weaknesses or defects in a prototype or a pilot production vehicle.

Based on individual customer-oriented processes and tools, we develop solutions for vehicle testing that ensure the verification and validation of the entire car.

Take advantage of our expertise! We support you in making the new vehicle more reliable, efficient and safe.

No matter if you challenge us to develop a wizard for test driving or if you ask us to realize a car to car connection we bring together technical and functional competence for you to develop a solution which pays back.

MVI SOLVE-IT stands for top-quality services in IT solutions. Within the MVI Group, which has been renowned for holistic projects in the mobility industry since 1968, MVI SOLVE-IT provides precisely the positive customer benefits you need to focus on in your company processes.