Vehicle marketing

  • Conception (compilation of specification sheet) of interactive marketing platforms
  • Development of interactive marketing platforms for all markets
  • Development of innovative marketing platforms for new markets
  • Personalization, targeting and customer-specific integration of product data
  • Conception and development of systems for marketing custom and electric vehicle


Vehicle marketing is increasingly becoming the success factor for the perfect deployment of new vehicles to the international markets.

From the smartphone app, to the mobile website, to the multimedia terminals in your showroom, the development of vehicle information and offering systems has to fit to your enterprise methods and IT standards. In addition to the right technological approach, we pay close attention to design a solution, to meet your specific customer- and market needs.

Take advantage of our expertise! With your individual online marketing tools, we help you to convert sales targets into measurable results. The tools we develop envelopes personalization, specific customer targeting and the integration of your commercial- and product data.

MVI SOLVE-IT stands for top-quality services in IT solutions. Within the MVI Group, which has been renowned for holistic projects in the mobility industry since 1968, MVI SOLVE-IT provides precisely the positive customer benefits you need to focus on in your company processes.