Production information systems

  • E-construction and e-planning
  • Visualisation / reporting
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Product influencing (amongst other things, control unit development)
  • Test planning (including control units)


Production information systems enable the management of the business processes and its related technological and commercial data. Our highly specialised experts provide you with quality and production assurance processes that reduce your manufacturing costs and sustainably increase the profitability of your enterprise.

Take advantage of our expertise! The monitoring of your production and the consistent fault management allow us to minimize your down times and maximize your output.  Our engineers empower you to improve your productivity and to gain a more flexible production. 

MVI PROPLANT stands for top-quality services in production and logistics. Within the MVI Group, which has been renowned for holistic projects in the mobility industry since 1968, MVI PROPLANT provides precisely the positive customer benefits you need to focus on in your development process.