Consulting and Planning

During the initial project phase, we advise our customer on problem analyses and target definitions. We identify potentials to increase efficiency, suggest adequate concepts and develop detailed specifications

We have used Digital Factory tools and instruments in the subsequent planning phases for years.  We visualize concepts in an early stage, thereby reducing the project risk. Also, the parties responsible for individual subprojects are able to coordinate at an earlier stage.

Also at the same time, the IT Analysis can be performed.  Design parameters like data structures or response times can be derived and used in the planning process.

Planning activities are performed in parallel across the subprojects, which increases the planning depth and lowers the risk of changes later in the project. We live “frontloading”.

In addition, hard to influence project parameters like lead times for equipment are easier to manage because they are defined early in the process.

The use of modern planning methods and the integrated collaboration of all MVI PROPLANT disciplines, coupled with professional and process oriented project management, allows for short, optimized project durations and a high level of team performance.